Neighbors & Local Testimony

A Timely Solution for the Industry

According to Dean Morris, Director of Bladen County Soil & Water District, sludge removal on hog farms is a necessary evil…and farmers are running out of places to apply the sludge.

-Bladen Online

Capturing Value from, “Waste”

…never call what’s in the lagoons waste because it should never be wasted or destroyed: a gold mine of minerals like phosphorus critical to large-scale agriculture in fertilizer that other countries around the world need.


Ensuring the Future

“When we built our farms 20 years ago, we said in 20 years, we would land apply our sludge. You’ve got all the poultry coming on. The land is not there like it used to be”

-Michael Inman quoted in the Bladen Journal

Simple, Effective Sludge Drying

Phinite developed technology to dry manure, which makes it cost effective to haul it.  “Our patent-pending technology is the lowest cost and most simple dewatering technology in the world,” Phasey says.  “It’s a breakthrough in manure handling.”

-NC Idea Winner Profile, Phinite

A Permanent Solution