Countries are running out of phosphorus.



The phosphorus problem

  1. Phosphorus equals food

    • Without phosphorus, we can't produce food. Phosphorus is as essential as water, carbon or oxygen.

  2. Growing food demand, growing phosphorus demand

    • Nine billion mouths to feed by 2050 with growing appetite for meat and dairy means increasing demand for phosphorus.

  3. An inefficient global food system

    • Phosphorus is mis-managed. Four-fifths is lost or wasted getting from mine to field to fork.

  4. Finite phosphate: we've used up the good stuff

    • High quality phosphate rock is running out, and other resources are much more expensive.

  5. Cheap fertilizer - a thing of the past for farmers

    • Farmers need access to phosphorus, yet a billion farmers lack access to fertilizer markets.

  6. Geopolitical risks: an issue of national security?

    • 75% of the world's remaining phosphorus is in Morocco. The US has 20 years left. Europe and Australia have practically none.