Get dewatering results with high performance, low cost constructed wetlands


We build the right size for your operation

Installed systems typically cost between $120k (for a feeder farm) & 500K (for a 8,000 head finisher), and are built to last for the lifetime of your farm. Construction is very similar to building a smaller lagoon: and we’ve learned to optimize system performance by building a cover over the wetland.

Phinite builds effective, low cost sludge solutions on your farm

Can Sludge be Turned into Fuel & Fertilizer?

Turn Sludge into Biofuel and Fertilizer

Sludge can be used to create valuable fertilizer and biofuel materials. Our system drys the waste material out enough to capture these assets and we’ll partner with you for the long term to help find a market for re-captured biofuel and fertilizer. Our system is also depreciable, unlike many other sludge treatment options.