Phosphorus is a finite resource. Let's make it renewable

The Solution to Sludge Management

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Above - Sludge Application

Above - Sludge Application

We have a demonstration system on a farm near Tar Heel, Bladen County. We’d love to show it to you.

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Sludge Management is a problem that threatens Hog Farming in North Carolina. Hog farmers are finding they need to remove sludge from their lagoons, but that land is hard to spread the material is hard to come by. In the last 30 years, poultry litter has been heavily applied to fields around hog farms, and there isn’t enough land left for the lagoon sludge.

30 years worth of phosphorus builds up in a lagoon before it needs to be removed, so there is alot to get rid of.

Lagoon sludge is too wet to transport far, and so farmers don’t know what to do. Farmers know that pollution from sludge could mean greater regulations, and this could threaten the industry.

Farmers don’t want to cause pollution but there are few options.

We see an opportunity

We think 30 years of phosphorus, from 9 million animals, is a resource worth recovering. The world is running out of phosphorus and animal manure is the biggest resource available, and it’s totally renewable.

The problem with manure recycling is moisture. Dewatering technology is too expensive, too complicated and contaminates the material with nasty polymers.

We thought about this problem - how to make manure dry enough to reprocess - cheap enough to make it economical - and simple enough a farmer can run it.

Plant roots are the answer! Plants pull moisture from soil, and they’re solar powered! As they grow they extend their root system, continually searching for moisture to fuel their growth.

Constructed Wetlands

Sludge Treatment Wetlands were developed in the 1980s to treat sewage sludge in Denmark. Since then hundreds have been built all over the world. People tried to make them work in agriculture, but found the manure was too strong and the plants died.

We have discovered how to make this revolutionary technology work in agriculture. We’ve proven it, patented it, and are producing it in North Carolina.

Our Solution

Sludge Treatment Wetlands are the most simple and cheapest dewatering technology on the planet.

The structure is built like a lagoon. It’s a once off cost and it lasts forever. For the rest of the life of your farm, you don’t have to worry about sludge.

After you build our wetland, we will take the sludge from your wetland for free. Forever. No more hassles.