A Real Solution for Sludge

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Pictured: Sludge application on our high performance wetlands transforms it into biofuel & fertilizer.

Pictured: Sludge application on our high performance wetlands transforms it into biofuel & fertilizer.

We tackle sludge to protect your farm & family.

Visit our demonstration system near Tar Heel in Bladen County, NC or set up a conversation with us by reaching out directly!

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The Problem with Lagoons

Hog farming is a natural part of Eastern North Carolina, but today, dealing with sludge from lagoons is getting harder and harder.

Lagoon sludge is too wet to move far and can cause headaches for farmers who want to ensure their operation for the next generation.

We see an opportunity

We think 30 years of phosphorus from 9 million animals is a resource worth recovering. Yet, dewatering technology to handle manure is too expensive, complicated, and can cause contamination due to nasty polymers.

We thought about this problem - how to make manure dry enough to reprocess - cheap enough to be economical - and simple enough that handling it only takes an hour a week.

Our patented solution uses plan roots which work to pull moisture from sludge and are effective at processing even the toughest material.

High Performance Wetlands

Sludge Treatment Wetlands were developed in the 1980s to treat sewage sludge in Denmark. Since then hundreds have been built all over the world. People tried to make them work in agriculture, but found the manure often caused the plants to die.

We have discovered how to make this revolutionary technology work in agriculture. We’ve proven it and are providing it on a farm near you in Eastern North Carolina.

The Cheapest, Most Effective Solution

Sludge treatment wetlands are the cheapest, simplest dewatering technology on the planet. The system is built in the same way as a traditional lagoon but with added functionality to manage the high load of thick sludge.

Lagoon’s lasts for the rest of the life of your farm, and mean you don’t have to worry anymore about sludge because after building your wetland, we’ll work with you sell the finished sludge as biofuel & fertilizer.