Phosphorus is a finite resource. Let's make it renewable

We're building tech to feed the world.

Countries are running out of phosphorus.



The phosphorus problem

  1. Phosphorus equals food
    • Without phosphorus, we can't produce food. Phosphorus is as essential as water, carbon or oxygen.
  2. Growing food demand, growing phosphorus demand
    • Nine billion mouths to feed by 2050 with growing appetite for meat and dairy means increasing demand for phosphorus.
  3. An inefficient global food system
    • Phosphorus is mis-managed. Four-fifths is lost or wasted getting from mine to field to fork.
  4. Finite phosphate: we've used up the good stuff
    • High quality phosphate rock is running out, and other resources are much more expensive.
  5. Cheap fertilizer - a thing of the past for farmers
    • Farmers need access to phosphorus, yet a billion farmers lack access to fertilizer markets.
  6. Geopolitical risks: an issue of national security?
    • 75% of the world's remaining phosphorus is in Morocco. The US has 20 years left. Europe and Australia have practically none.

      About us

      Jordan Photo.jpg

      Jordan recovering phosphorus from community wastewater


      Jordan Phasey - Founder and CEO

      Scientist and phosphorus expert

      While working to provide water and wastewater treatment services in remote Northern Australia, I became aware of the phosphorus problem.

      As a scientist, I started working on technologies to recycle phosphorus from waste; first with community wastewater, and then with manure.

      Our solution was judged one of the Top 10 in the World by the USEPA, and we won an award at the White House in 2016 in the Nutrient Recycling Challenge. It is low cost, simple, and chemical free.

      Now we're commercializing the technology, starting with hog farmers in North Carolina.