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Sludge Management

North Carolina hog farms use lagoon-sprayfield systems to manage manure. These lagoons are filling with sludge, and managing it is a real challenge:

  1. It is becoming increasingly expensive to source contractors to remove sludge from lagoons.
  2. Contractors move the sludge into geobags, and leave it up to the farmers to dispose of the sludge.
  3. Suitable farm land is almost impossible to find. This is a headache for farmers.

Hundreds of geobags are sitting on farms in NC with nowhere to go.

Less than 5% of hog lagoons in NC have been desludged yet.


What are you going to do when the time comes to desludge your lagoon?

lagoon liner.jpg

Sludge solver

The sludge solver is a build-it-yourself, kit based constructed wetland dewatering solution that saves farmers money and solves sludge management forever.

  1. $0 up front cost - annual licensing fee
  2. We give you a free kit - you build it using existing farm machinery
  3. Lasts forever
  4. Only mechanical component is a pump
  5. Natural, environmentally friendly process. No chemicals
  6. Simple operation by existing farm labor

Best of all, we will take your sludge for free. No more disposal headache.

The sludge solver does for sludge management what the anaerobic lagoon did for manure management. Simple.

We're currently prototyping the Sludge solver. Join us below to stay in touch.