Phosphorus is a finite resource. Let's make it renewable

We're working to solve sludge management.


The disposal problem

Sludge management threatens to cost farmers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is too expensive to transport sludge and dispose of it, and no land is available in North Carolina to take it.

Hundreds of geobags are sitting on farms with nowhere to go. Farmers are starting to get hit with fines, but alternatives are hard to find.

The solution

 Jordan with the proof-of-concept trial in Darwin, Australia

Jordan with the proof-of-concept trial in Darwin, Australia

 We call it the Sludge solver

The Sludge solver is a constructed wetland that dewaters sludge.

To save cost, you build it yourself. We supply you the kit, materials, instructions and show you how to do it.

The reeds in the wetland remove moisture from the sludge, making it up to 3.5 times drier that geobags.

Once the sludge is dry, you can dig it out with a front end loader and take it to our facility. We take the material for free and dispose of it for you.

We were judged Top 10 in the World by the USEPA in the Nutrient Recycling Challenge; winning an award at the White House in 2016.

We can't do this alone. Please get in touch so we can learn more about sludge management on your farm.

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